3 Stylish Ways To Decorate A Pumpkin

This year I have decided to go all out and fully embrace Halloween. Up until last year I didn’t really have an interest but as my eldest gets more into it I’ve decided what the heck! And after taking a peek on pinterest for some inspiration I have been amazed at the beautiful ways you can decorate for Halloween- seriously who knew! One of the easiest ways to embrace it is by pimping up a pumpkin! Here are three ultra chic and stylish ways that will definitely be gracing my front door on the 31st!

How disco tastic do these look! You need to buy some white plastic pumpkins (try a craft store) or maybe paint your own (use acrylic paint).  Then apply some craft glue to the pumpkin in a circular motion,and pat a few gold sequins in place once the glue is tacky, being sure to cover the whole circle. Let them dry, and you’re all set.



Yet more sparkles with these ones which use confetti instead of sequins. Take a pumpkin and remove the stem. Then spray paint it white and let it dry. Paint the top of your pumpkins with glue and down the middle of the humps of the pumpkin. To get the confetti to look like it has dripped down, take a sponge applicator and put dots of glue and add  confetti with your fingers. Fill in any holes by adding more glue and confetti. Let them dry and replace the stems.





And finally yet more sparkle….well you can never have enough!

Take a pumpkin and paint it in any colour/s you fancy- I rather like the navy blue pictured below. Make sure you use acrylic paint. Let the pumpkin dry. Then apply a thick layer of tacky glue to the stem and sprinkle with glitter. After it’s dry, use a dry sponge to wipe away extra glitter. Voila!




*Ideas and Images taken from Pinterest*