A Guide To Packing The Perfect Picnic

One of my favourite things about summer is that there’s always a reason to be outside (I appreciate with our British summers this may be hard!). There is nothing greater than packing up a picnic and heading outside to eat. So here are some picnic essentials that will help take the work out of your next picnic prep. Whether you’re planning a family picnic, a romantic dinner for two, or a concert picnic with friends, these must-haves will ensure your picnicking event is a summer success.

The right blanket can make or break a picnic’s vibe. Comfort is key, so keep in mind that you want to choose a blanket with a soft texture and an appealing design. This one features a waterproof backing, neat carry-home handles and machine-washable fabric.- plus enough space to seat plenty of people.

Blanket £36 Anorak

blanketPicnic Basket:
A wicker basket will always evoke that classic picnic vibe. This willow wicker basket is lined with a chic striped fabric and a fitted inner cool bag with zip to keep your picnic fresh.

Basket £112 not on the highstreet

basket 2


Throw Pillows:
Sitting on the ground isn’t exactly the epitome of luxury comfort. That said, a few nice big pillows will make lounging a lot more enjoyable, while adding a little style to your picnic.

Pillows £14.99 Argos


It’s ultra important to pack a cooler to ensure your food is kept at the proper temperature.

Cool Box £30 John Lewis



Why not leave the boring plastic at home and opt for something with a splash of personality.

My Little Day 4.50 Euros


Picnic-Friendly Foods:
If you plan on lounging for a few hours, opt for a light menu with seasonal fruits, veggies and an array of cheeses. Choosing items that people can graze on throughout the picnic is a good idea.


Whether you’re picnicking with kids or adults, outdoor games are always fun. From football, bat and ball or even flying a kite, having a few forms of entertainment beyond food and beverages is always a good idea. Check out this cute beach paddle set.

Asos £19.50

beach paddlesSo there you have it- my little guide to a great picnic!