Ana Konder- Bandits Girl

A while ago whilst attending a press day I came across Bandits Girl- a fun collection of faux fur coats and accessories for girls aged 4-12 years. The brand was launched by Ana Konder, already an accomplished designer, having successfully launched her own women’s fur accessories brand and also designed for Chanel.

Originally from Brazil, Ana has been based in London for the past 15 years so lets find out a bit more about the brand and the lady behind it…..


Before you moved into fashion, you had a career in marketing and advertising. Do you think your previous career has helped you with your business today?

AK- Absolutely! Creativity is core to the process, but without a strategy the business wouldn’t have come to life.


Tell us more about Bandits and Bandits Girl- how did both businesses come about?

AK- Moving to London changed my life completely. I had the opportunity to launch myself as a designer, starting with costume jewellery at first, then using fur as a detail to necklaces on one of my first winter collections.

This generated a lot of publicity for my work at the time and eventually it led to a contribution with Chanel (for their catwalk in 2003). From there I grew into fur, had a fur boutique for 8 years, and brought Bandits to life as part of my wholesale business. I had a passion for launching brands from scratch, which is what I do at Showroom One, so I thought “why not do it for myself!”


You were born in Brazil, but now are based in London. Where do you call home?

AK- Definitely London. But my roots are in Brazil, is part of my being, and where my children live now – so I visit as often as I can.

What inspires you with your designs? Is it trends, people, places?

AK- Trends and people! But I’ve been fascinated by colour since an early age..I like to play with contrast and faux fur allows for it..The fabrics have a great texture and the colours just come to life.


Can we see the Bandits (and Bandits Girl) collection developing any further next season?

AK- Most definetly..We’ll be further developing both coats and accessories options..this is just the beginning!

What do you think sets the brand apart from others?

AK- Its “wearability”. The brand is on-trend, but it’s important for me that the products can be worn easily without being too over the top.

cape red_edit RESIZE

Who are your favourite designers-across women’s and kids?

AK- The one and only Karl Lagerfeld.

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When you´re not working, how do you like to relax?

AK-In my house in Marbella. London is all about working and fitness for me!


And finally, any future plans for Bandits that you can share with us?

AK-Our pop-up fridge containers… this is a work in progress. One will never feel the chill again! Watch this space!

Bandits Girl is available from Selfridges with prices starting from £40 up to £239