Davina Payne from A Day In A Life

Davina Payne, is the Founder and Creative Director of A Day In The Life a new online capsule collection of effortlessly beautiful and wearable items for the modern day woman. She was inspired to merge online shopping with social media in a totally unique way- her website displays her striking designs and each piece also features the women who love to wear them. Lets find out more about the lady behind the brand…

Before you launched ‘a day in the life’, you had a career working on brand and communications- do you think your previous career has helped you with your business today?

I definitely feel like my experience help shape the brand. Because I have a background in both fashion (I studied design) and branding, I was able to create a brand that combines both product and communication. I wanted a day in a life to be not just about the clothing but also to be a platform for inspirational women.

Why did you decide to set up your own online fashion brand?

I have always wanted my own clothing brand since I can remember and I have known exactly what it was going to be for the last eight years.  I just needed to wait for the right moment in my life and finances…


I love the concept of ‘a day in the life’- where the clothes are modeled by real women throughout their day instead of models. How did this unique idea come about? 

About 8 years ago, I came across a vintage image from the 50s and I knew I had to create a clothing label around it.  The timing felt right with the social media revolution.  I wanted to create a clothing label that has its own personality – I think this is the future…

Do you find that from a business point of view it has helped with sales?

It has been really helpful. Because the women I have photographed totally engaged with the brand, they become ambassadors. They have supported me so much. For example, Mireille, who I shot for my first collection, helped design all the graphics for the site and she allowed me to host my first Trunk Show at her beautiful home in Notting Hill. I shot my second collection on Austrian actress Miriam Stein and she wore one of my dresses at an awards show, which was brilliant for sales. The feedback I’ve had from customers is also overwhelmingly positive.


Who would you like to see in your designs? 

I’d love to see inspirational, stylish women like those on my website in my designs. I want the women who wear my clothes to feel good whatever shape or size they are. I would love to inspire women from all walks of life to be stylish. When I created the brand, I wanted the clothes to work on anyone, to design pieces that get that wow factor and make the wearer feel instantly special.

When designing where do you seek inspiration from?  

I always look for shapes that will work layered up and down, for different climates, seasons and moments within your daily life. When it comes to prints, I reference beautiful landscapes. For my first collection, I took inspiration from my Windsurf station in Greece and for the second collection; I was influenced by my Austrian heritage, drawing ideas from the Alps and Forests where I grew up.



As well as having your own online fashion brand, you are also co-owner of the family business ‘Payne studio’ which supplies jersey and soft woven fabrics to the UK high street and you have a 3-year-old daughter. How do you juggle it all?

By being super organised and planning ahead! My motto is keep calm and focused. You can’t avoid problems; it’s about learning how to deal with them. I’m very lucky that I have an extremely supportive network of friends, family and colleagues that surround me.

When you´re not working, how do you like to relax?

Playing with my daughter, yoga and meditation, windsurfing, biking, and reading. I also write a diary everyday as it helps me to focus and unwind.



What is a typical ‘day in the life’ for you!?

I have three bases so my routine varies. In London, I start my day with early morning yoga, breakfast with my daughter Frieda before I take her to nursery and then a meeting in the studio. After work, I’ll put Frieda to bed and catch up with friends over dinner. When I’m in Greece at my Windsurf Station, I wake early and work until normally around 12. I’ll then head to the beach to play with my daughter; surf and evenings will be spent enjoying a bbq or late dinner.

What are your go-to designers/brands for both you and your daughter?

For me, it’s Acne Studio, Isabel Marant Étoile, Topshop Boutique, A.P.C and Ally Capellino for bags. For my daughter I shop at CdeC, Bonpoint, Petit Bateau and Zara Kids.


What can we expect for the new AW15 collection- are you developing the brand further? 

While the first collection was inspired by windsurfing in Greece; the AW15 collection will all be about the Alpine Mountains and my Austrian routes, with rich blues and greens running through the pieces. It will also be an evolution of the shapes but still maintaining the essence of the brand, which is the concept of layering.

And finally, any future plans for ‘a day in the life’ that you can share with us?

My ultimate dream is to really inspire women to wear the collection and feel amazing. I would also love to open an evolving concept store and add other brands to my platform. As the brand develops and the platform grows, I would love to have the chance to give something back.