Jasmine Guinness

Jasmine Guinness, has one of the most recognisable names in the world, part of the legendary Guinness brewing dynasty, she had a bohemian childhood in the grounds of a 12th century castle in Ireland. Her father Patrick Guinness and mother Liz Casey entertained an eclectic cast of characters from writers to Rolling Stones. With a successful career in the modelling industry, she is a mother of three, toy shop owner and designer- I caught up with her to ask how she manages it all!


LSF- You must be super organised to keep on top of everything – running a successful business, career as a model and designer and mum to three children. Do you have any top tips on how to stay on top of it all?
JG– It is very hard to organise everything and sometimes things do slip the net! On the whole I just try to be organised ( I have a page a day diary) and not to stress out too much about anything. I do my best, that is always good enough! Kids always come first though and then work.




LSF-Do you struggle to maintain a good work / life balance?
JG-Honey and I (Honey is my Honeyjam Toy shop business partner) realised that we could easily work everyday of the week if we weren’t careful (as we did for first six months of the toy shop being open) and so we have rules! Kids come first and we do school runs and homework with our kids. There is no point in having them if you can’t spend any time with them. They need us to be present in every way.


LSF-You have worked with Jaegar for a while now- fronting some of their campaigns- what do you love about the British brand?
JG-I love Jaeger for their incredible quality and design. They have always been a fashion forward label since they started over a hundred years ago and have maintained their high standards of quality too which I really admire.


LSF-You’ve just created a capsule collection of chic and timeless cardigans for the brand. Why cardigans?
JG-I love cardigans! They are so versatile that you can take them anywhere. Dress them up or down, with jeans or a dress. I have a huge collection of cardis for every occasion. They are especially useful for feeding mothers!




LSF-What makes the perfect knit? And what is your favouritepiece from the collection?
JG-I think that fit, fabric and finish make the perfect knit. It has to be stitch perfect to flatter the curves, the mix of wool is crucial to the overall feel and the finishing details are what completes a long lasting and much loved old friend! Or at least that is what they become. I love all the designs from the Jasmine for Jaeger collection as they are all cardis I have been dreaming about for years. Finally I have them!


LSF-You have your treasure trove kids store HONEYJAM which I love. What gave you the idea to open the store? Where did the name come from?
JG-The name Honeyjam was dreamed up by Honey’s brilliant husband. I don’t know how we missed it but Honey’s name is Honey and my nick name as a child was Jam (and still is to some, thanks Mum!). So to him it was obvious that we were Honeyjam! It is the perfect name as it is so unusual and very easy for kids to scream at their parents. Also kids tend to love honey and jam. We started the shop because were were uninspired by what we found in shops and there were very few toy shops in our area at the time. Honey was always finding amazing things online so we thought that perhaps we should sell these wonderful, unique and unusual things to people from a real shop! So Honeyjam was born…




LSF-Owning a toy shop must mean your house is brimming with toys and games! Do your children choose to play with these or are they obsessed with computers?
JG-My kids do love toys, although they are usually banned from the shop. My five year old grabs a basket as she comes in and makes a small mountain of things that she “needs” and then screams when I negotiate her down to one thing. People always apologise like mad when their kids have tantrums but we are quite used to it! The best thing about working in a toy shop though is seeing people having a laugh with their kids. It really is a place of joy, silliness and wonder and I love that.


LSF-With a career as a model and a designer you must own an enviable wardrobe. Do you have any top styling tips?
JG-I don’t seem to have as many amazing dresses as other models I know, I was always very shy about asking for dresses. My main advice would be to wear what you feel like wearing. Wear something that makes you feel like you want to feel for that event or day; be it strong, sexy, smart, sporty, masculine or a cow girl! Confidence is the best look.


LSF-How would you describe your style?
JG-A mix of all the above except sporty!


LSF-What are your favourite fashion labels?
JG-There are so many I don’t know where to start…Bella Freud, Vivienne Westwood, Dolce and Gabbana, Giles Deacon, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Marcus Lupfer, Chanel…I could go on forever…


An iconic Bella Freud jumper- one of Jasmine's favourite designers.

An iconic Bella Freud jumper- one of Jasmine’s favourite designers.


LSF-You always look so beautiful and must have picked up some great make-up tips as a model. Do you have any tricks and trade secrets to share?
JG-Less is more. I find if I put too much make up on and cover the skin I look much older! Moisturise and just cover up the important bits!


LSF-Which three beauty products couldn’t you live without?
JG-Rimmel ink pot eyeliner, Charlotte Tilbury red lipstick and Sisley Suprema cream.


Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick


LSF-And when it comes to the kids- what are your go-to labels? What is their style like?
JG-They love H&M and Gap but I also like to put them in vintage bits here and there. They are two older boys and then a girl so sports wear is pretty big, mostly Addidas, Nike and Puma.


LSF-Finally who is your ultimate style icon?
JG-Katherine Hepburn as she always wore whatever the hell she wanted and never have a damn what others thought about her! Strong and chic, a great mix.